Why We Created Tiresias Mist

We thought it was crazy that we couldn’t find a simple and effective product to create feminized seeds at home. We spent hours online, searching forums and then trying out what the “experts” said, only to be disappointed again and again. Finally, we said screw it and created Tiresias Mist, something that is reliable and predictable.  


  • About Tiresias Mist

    Tiresias Mist is a naturally occurring mineral mixture that allows growers to isolate a branch of a female plant and enable it to produce male characteristics (i.e. pollen sacs). Because the genetics originate from a female plant, you will only have feminized seeds… GUARANTEED!


    High Times magazine featured Tiresias Mist™ as 2012 product of the year due to the spray being a standard of reliability for all growers to use.


    Currently there are a number of theories, practices, and products that are used with very mixed results and the products are not intended to be used on plants.